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Re: Th English are a cruel race
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Posted by: Carlos on October 22, 1998
In Reply to: Re: Th English are a cruel race
Posted by Archie on October 19, 1998
Subject: Re: Th English are a cruel race
You obviously know very little about history.
Only a stupid person would post a message like yours without bothering to investigate.
English were pioneers in the abolition of slavery in Africa and they had sometimes to fight local chieftains to stop it, while Spaniards and Portuguese continued merrily that trade after it was stopped in England.
And what about the destruction of the Incas ,Aztecs, or Amazonian tribes by Spaniards and Portuguese? The English brought civilisation to most of the lands that became part of the Empire, while the others were SOLELY robbing, plundering and pillaging without bringing any improvements.The proof is that many former colonies of the British Empire are now prosperous nations.
Tell me, if you can, just ONE former Spanish,Portuguese,Italian or French colony that's not THIRD WORLD nowadays.
As of me, I firmly believe the Italians are the cruelest nation in the world!
PS: Piss off!


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