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Re: London Cathedrals
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Posted by: Misty on November 11, 1998
In Reply to: London Cathedrals
Posted by Molly Beamer on November 6, 1998
Subject: Re: London Cathedrals
> I was in a German class today, and we were
> trying to figure out what the name of the
> cathedral was in London that was bombed
> during WWII. This cathedral had a group of men
> and women who stayed on the roof to throw the
> bombs off if they landed on it. I know there
> is a monument to this group of people, but I
> do not know the name of the cathedral.
> If anyone knows, please let me know.

SAINT PAUL's CATHEDRAL took a direct hit and was saved from the explosion by those men and women. Drury Lane Theatre also was hit by a bomb, but was spared because the bomb was a "dud". That bomb is now inside the entrance to the theatre.
Hope this is your answer.


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