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Re: English castle hotels
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Posted by: Walter on November 17, 1998
In Reply to: English castle hotels
Posted by sean nicolai on October 16, 1998
Subject: Re: English castle hotels
> My wife and I will be traveling to the UK in May. She has always wanted to spend the night in a castle. Does anyone have any recommendations for castle hotels in England or Scotland?

Sean: We are planning our 9th trip to UK in
April, '99. Appreciate your interest in castles.
Don't know about staying overnight in one
but one you shouldn't miss is "Arundel" on
Britain's south coast, not far from Hastings.
The town of Arundel is quaint. Don't stay at
the Arundel Inn. Check out The Swan Hotel.

If you're in the vicinity of Rye, check out
Bodiam Castle. It is a ruin but very picturesque. It isn't far from Tenterden, also
a nice little town with comfy hotel White Lion
and great restaurants. Enjoy the trip.


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