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Posted by: ISIK TIMUR MD on November 22, 1998
Subject: PKK
22 November, 1998

Dear Sir or Madam:

At first, I thank you for your friendship to Turkey about PKK and Abdullah Ícalan.
As you know, Abdullah Ícalan and PKK are killers of totally 30,000 people which were Turkish and Kurdish.

Turkey is managed by democracy and almost 20 ethnic groups are living in Turkish frontiers. (for example Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic, Jewish, Armenian, Greek, Circassian, Laz etc.) Every ethnic groups have equal rights at Turkish Constitution and they have equal freedom for their traditions (religion and social). For example, Turgut Ízal ( ex-president of Turkish Republic) was a Kurdish. In Turkey, there are some rich people or some poor people like all of the countries at the world; but all Turks are not rich and the others are not poor.
In addition, at the history, a Kurdish State was newer established; only there were some ideas about this matter at the end of First World War, during Sevr Agreement at 1920. Fundamentally, every ethnic groups can not establish separate states. At the worldwide, there are many ethnic groups more than 2000; but they are united in almost 218 countries. If every ethnic group want to establish their separate state, especially United Kingdom and United States of America must be divided.
Finally, Turkish People is respectful to Human Rights. But I want to ask a question: WHOSE RIGHTS: KILLERS OR VICTIMS? If the thought of Italy was right, United Kingdom and Spain had to offer red roses to IRA and ETA; had not to fire.
We believe that your country and people are respectful to the frontiers of the other countries and hope to continue your friendship. Abdullah Ícalan belongs to Turkey and Italy can not forgive him.




    Re: PKK
    Posted by gfaerfaeg on January 21, 1999
    Re: PKK
    Posted by gfaerfaeg on January 21, 1999
    Re: PKK
    Posted by gfaerfaeg on January 21, 1999

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