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Re: Th English are a cruel race
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Posted by: John Bradley on December 25, 1998
In Reply to: Re: Th English are a cruel race
Posted by Archie on October 19, 1998
Subject: Re: Th English are a cruel race
> > The English are probably one of the Cruelest races in this planet.
> > A simple fact would back this thought.
> > They loved colonizing places that belonged to others. But this is allright as the French and the Spanish wre like this too.
> > But what makes the English harsher than the other colonisers?
> > Wherever they placed foot, the natives were exterminated as a race.
> > Look at America, look at Australia. Do not forget the Indians and the Aboriginals who are shrinked as a race by now.
> > The English, took without asking and the world must never forget this.
> I just say Rule Britannia.
What a bunch of nonesense ! The British were no worse, and for the most part,
better colonists than much of the other riff-raff plundering the Third World. The Spanish and
Portugese, for example, were reputedly vile in their colonial conquests.
And history bears out the solid job that GB did when it pulled out of their colonial empires.
Virtually all of the countries are today for the most part, in good financial and political shape -
which cannot be said for the countries left behind be the other lot(above).Most of the countries
that were once ruled by them have now been reduced back to the Third World poverty
and political disaray that are their 20th century Dark Ages.
'Suggest that you go and get yourself a good quality history book.....


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