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Re: Th English are a cruel race
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Posted by: steve on December 31, 1998
In Reply to: Th English are a cruel race
Posted by Micheon on October 13, 1998
Subject: Re: Th English are a cruel race
> The English are probably one of the Cruelest races in this planet.
> A simple fact would back this thought.
> They loved colonizing places that belonged to others. But this is allright as the French and the Spanish wre like this too.
> But what makes the English harsher than the other colonisers?
> Wherever they placed foot, the natives were exterminated as a race.
> Look at America, look at Australia. Do not forget the Indians and the Aboriginals who are shrinked as a race by now.
> The English, took without asking and the world must never forget this.

Sorry, cannot agree.
The English are no more cruel than anybody else on the planet. The problem is about power, and that is no respecter of race, creed or gender.
The colonial history of England was about greed and control, the same as every other nation in the game at the time.
Get real, cut out the rascist statements,(I've always thought racism was the result of a lack of education) and study your history, colonialism was a social phenomenom, and thankfully, we're out of it now.
PS On the subject of cruel races, I suggest you study the Chinese occupation of Tibet. I can recommend David Patt's book, "A Strange Liberation"


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