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Re: About the gannet and John of Gaunt
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Posted by: Serfergirl on January 12, 1999
In Reply to: About the gannet and John of Gaunt
Posted by P.Vandenweghe on October 18, 1998
Subject: Re: About the gannet and John of Gaunt
> I'm searching the etymology of the bird called
> gannet (Sula bassana). His dutch name is "Jan van gent".
> verbatim John of Gaunt.
> What is the link betwen gannet and Gaunt?
> Is there something in John of Gaunt's life that
> led to give his name to a bird?
> Thanks.

I don't know if you've gotten a reply since this post is old. But . . . John of Gaunt was born in Ghent and because of the Brits' tendencies to slaughter the pronounciation of words foreign, his name became "John of Gaunt" instead of "John of Ghent". Other of his siblings were more fortunate in that their names were easier for the English to master: Thomas of Woodstock, Edmund of Langley, Joanna of the Tower, to name a few. Hope that clears it up for you.


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