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Re: British Views on the Royals
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Posted by: Daren Swanick on January 14, 1999
In Reply to: British Views on the Royals
Posted by Andrew Perkins on January 5, 1999
Subject: Re: British Views on the Royals
> Sorry friend, but not everybody in this country holds your views. I am a republican who believes that this country can only move into the next millenia without an antiquated system such as royalty. I respect your views, and if your a monarchist, fine. However..., your statement that the armed forces would fight each other over an elected head of state is naive. The army has yet to rebel in this country owing to people voting for idealogically opposite political parties, a system we've had for awhile now (the only civil wars we've had is when we've had governments headed by kings/queens). The army serves the state, i.e. the people,the queen is merely a figurehead whom exercises no real power whatsoever. What powers she "exercises" are within reasonable sight of being legally removed.

There have been three major "TV" votes in the last 30 or so years or so. All have been hailed as major victorie for the monarchy, but support has dwindled in each debate from some, 95% (very approx) in the 60's, to 65% (again, very approx). Britain will have it's republic. It's purely a matter of time.


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