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Posted by: Janet on January 22, 1999
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Posted by Andrea on October 19, 1998
Subject: Re: Uffington White Horse
> I'm in the US and trying to find information on the Uffington White Horse (or other chalk horses in the UK). Any historical data or even legends that could be shared would be very much appreciated!
> Thank you!
> Andrea

Hi Andrea,
My mother grew up in Wantage and in the 1950's we would go and visit relatives in that area. I remember that at about the age of 11 being taken to the White Horse at Uffington, and being told that if you made a wish while standing on the eye to the horse it would come true. I did this and my wish did come true.

I now live in the USA and in about 1988 I took my children on a visit to England and the White Horse was one of the places that we visited. In preparation I had told them about the legend of wishing when standing on the eye of the horse. However, due to wear and tear on the White Horse, one is not allowed to walk on it now. I was rather sad that my children could not do as I had. But I appreciate the need to preserve these ancient chalk designs.
I hope to read more about the history and legends of the White Horse at Uffington from other readers.


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