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Re: British Views on the Royals
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Posted by: Allan-John Marsh on January 24, 1999
In Reply to: Re: British Views on the Royals
Posted by Daren Swanick on January 14, 1999
Subject: Re: British Views on the Royals
I agree with the original posting. The royal family is an enduring part of our nation and culture. Britain will have it's republic? The whole idea is repulsive to me - nothing strong and endearing to connect us to the past, but rather the slate wiped clean after every new president. I hate the idea. Now, they have sought to end the rights of the heridatory peerage - all part of this "new Britannia" - more like an excuse to pander to those who want to turn our homeland into something it's not. Britain is a monarchy - it always has been in our 3 thousand year history, and may it remain so until armageddon.


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