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Posted by: AJ on January 24, 1999
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Posted by Jim Jenkins on November 29, 1998
Subject: Re: The new
You're all correct - Tony Blair really seems to hate Britain. He won't be happy until the nation is broken up to redundant ancient national boundaries, all traces of indigenous British culture which thrived right up until WWII is oppressed to pander to the 'new British' who live here basically for the dole and NHS, and we either have an ethnic minority monarch, or better yet, a Republic. He forgets that no other country would abandon itself the way that he seems to do for us - no other country would sacrafice its identity to suit immigrants, nor apologise for the past when every country is guilty of attrocities...and Britain is the historical softie compared to the other empires of mankind.

Don't worry though - when nobody flies British (sorry, United World or whatever) Airlines, people still demonstrate British pride, and eat Yorkshire pudding or Haggis rather than eat out at the local kebab place or McDonald's, he'll realise that there is still a proud British nation.


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