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Re: Th English are a cruel race
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Posted by: AJ on January 24, 1999
In Reply to: Th English are a cruel race
Posted by Micheon on October 13, 1998
Subject: Re: Th English are a cruel race
a/ The English aren't a 'race' - they are part of the British ethnic: a mixture of Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman and Scot heritage, as are the Scottish and the Welsh.

b/ The indigenous populations of the colonised countries of England and later Britain were no worse, but rather better treated, than the brutal nations of Portugal, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

c/ What the world must not forget is that 'England' was for thousands of years constantly invaded, colonised, pilaged, raided and used for slaves. Do you see the 'English' complaining now? Well, they can't really can they - British people are probably the most apt race on earth to admit that they are a mixture of these oppressors. The people who Britain 'oppressed' constantly deny their British blood - now that's cruel.


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