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Re: Who is britannia.com?
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Posted by: AJ on January 24, 1999
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Posted by Christiane on December 29, 1998
Subject: Re: Who is britannia.com?
Britannia is the personification of Britain. She sits upon her throne dressed in Roman dress, with a shield with the flag of the baners of St. Andrew and St. George. Britannia, from Britain, has enjoyed a place in popular British culture from the accession of James VI of Scotland to the English throne in 1603, as he became the first Monarch to rule all of Britain for over a thousand years.

Britannia is not really Celtic as such, as Celtic culture represents one of the earliest forms of British culture. Britannia is really just plane British. But seeing as how the celtic blood line is one of the stongest in the Britons of today, and our national dances, dresses and foods are all predominately Celtic in origin, then like most things British, Britannia can rightly be classed as Celtic.

Hwyl fawr.


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