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David Thomas the Ironmaster
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Posted by: David Barrington on January 27, 1999
Subject: David Thomas the Ironmaster
I was hoping that I would find Peter Williams'
e-mail address in these pages. Failing that
I am hoping he may see this. I have only just
found britannia.com, having searched for
'Yniscedwyn' and got the appropriate history
page dealing with the ironworks of that name.
My reason was to find out more about David
Thomas, because I am descended from his sister,
the one who would have moved I think from Ty-Llwyd
down the hill to what was then the Farmers ARms,
down by the stream in Bryncoch itself.
This eventually became a dwelling-house (not
sure when) and was renamed Pant-Awel. The family
remained there for several generations and my father
was born there. The house passed out of the
family on the death of my great-grandmother
Hannah (known as 'Gam'). At some time she had
been invited to study in America, paid for by
the Thomas family, alhough little details are
known of this visit. Sadly all the correspondence
was lost when the house went.

We went to try to locate Ty-Llwyd last summer.
It is in the process of being converted from a
farm to a dwelling of some sort, but the original
house appears to be still intact. The next time we
hire a car to go back to Wales (we live in Oxford now)
I would like to try find the remains of the works,
now that I have the clues that it is '12 miles
from Defynnog' and near Ystradgynlais. Ominous
though is the result of searching for the proper
WElsh spelling of Ynyscedwyn (need to look for a lake
on the map?) and getting 'Ynyscedwyn Business
Park' or something. Probably flattened then.
Anyway, any further clues would be useful.

I have seen the obituary article in Red Dragon
Vol IV of 1883, (easily photocopied in Cardiff
Library), with its charcoal frontispiece of
DT, but I had not realised there
was a whole book written about David Thomas.
I would dearly love to get a copy and present
it to my father.

(I may key in the whole of the obituary article
onto my Web page - do you think that will
be useful to people - if they can find it ?)

I hope someone can be of assistance.

Diolch yn fawr

David Barrington
42 New Cross Road, Oxford.


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