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Re: English castle hotels
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Posted by: Catherine Loveland on January 28, 1999
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Posted by sean nicolai on October 16, 1998
Subject: Re: English castle hotels
> My wife and I will be traveling to the UK in May. She has always wanted to spend the night in a castle. Does anyone have any recommendations for castle hotels in England or Scotland?

I stayed at Thornberry Castle in Bristol while on a walking tour of the Cotswolds four years ago. It was built during the reign of Henry VIII and was visited by him and Anne Bolelyn just months before her untimely demise. The gardens are beautiful and the food is superb. The tower room is reached by a narrow winding stone staircase. It has a huge four poster bed and narrow windows fit only to shoot arrows! I don't think it's haunted, although the original builder lost his head also!


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