A Queen of British Fashion
photo by David White
ivienne Westwood is one of Britain's - and the world's - most popular and talented international designers. Admired by her contemporaries and loved by the admittedly fickle fashion press, Westwood has shocked audiences from London to Tokyo with the unexpected in her collections while remaining true to her own fashion vision.

Pictured on location in the Lloyd's of London building is a creation from her current collection, Vive La Cocotte. It is a simple but effective rich, red, button-through dress that combines brilliant tailoring, a perfect silhouette and classic fabrics; cashmere, alpaca and chenille.

If you are interested in Vivienne Westwood's fashions contact:

Vivienne Westwood
41 Conduit Street
London, United Kingdom, W1R 9FB
Tel: +44 171 287 3188
Fax: +44 171 437 2203

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