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  • Protecting Ideas that Have Changed the World
  • UK's Largest Shopping Development to Boast "Creches"
  • Asian Fashion Crosses Cultural Divide
  • Scottish University Offers Computer Game Degree
  • England's Art Treasures Go On Show in London
  • New Theft Prevention Technology
  • Smart Card Technology Takes Step Forward

  • Earth Centre To Help Save Environment
  • Britain to Decode One-Sixth of All Human Genes
  • London Exchange Gets Ready for the Millennium
  • Millennium Seed Bank Project Underway

    These sites may or may not still be available. We do not check these links on any kind of regular or irregular basis. We can only wish you good luck and safe surfing.

    Greenwich 2000
    Home of Greenwich Mean Time. Site includes sections on the Thousand Day countdown to the Millenium, Heritage, History and monthly features. Well done and timely!

    Thrust SSC Project
    To break the land speed record. The only authorized source for news and information from the Thrust SSC Project. Check it out!

    Netspedition Amazon
    A 1996 scientific research project conducted interactively. A true "modern" adventure. Teams from the Imperial College in London and the University of Zulia in Venezuela venture into the Amazon regions of southern Venezuela on a 1200 kilometer trek through the jungle along the Orinoco, Casiquiare, Guaninia and Atibapo Rivers entirely on the internet. An interesting concept, well done.

    BT Global Challenge
    Internet site of the round-the-world yacht race, the world's toughest. Site details the challenge and the corporately sponsored competitors and includes news, results, a life on board page, pictures, and merchandise. There are downloadable video clips and you can even send for a copy of the race programme. Loads of graphics, but the information is solid.
    Tracking the Race

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