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Science Hyperlinks
Official UK Weather direct from the Meteorological Office. Includes 24-hour forcast, Shipping forcast, gale warnings, satellite pictures and more
The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) provides press releases, summaries of recent reports and more.

Royal Greenwich Observatory
Royal Greenwich Observatory E-mail Directory of Astronomers
Directory of UK Astronomy Groups from Armagh Observatory to University of Wales, College of Cardiff
Institute of Astronomy What's New, history, research, Who's Who, email addresses and more
Her Majesty's Nautical Almanac Office
Cambridge Astronomy
Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory information on current research and other telescopes
Information Services Department of the Royal Greenwich Observatory phamphlets on Black Holes, Eclipses, Pulsars, the Sun, Galaxies, the planets and lots more
The Solar System an overview
Origins of the Solar System
UK Hubble Space Telescope Support Facility Site includes Hubble deep field data, color images, instrument reports, press releases and latest news
Hubble Images Great stuff from Venus to Mars, Europa to the Cynus Loop nebula and pictures that rule out red dwarfs as a source of dark matter and plenty more. A must visit for fans of the universe
Out of this World An exhibition of 44 star atlases and maps covering the period from 1482 to 1851
A Walk Through Time The story of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), Ancient Calendars, Earliest Clocks, A Revolution in Timekeeping, The "Atomic " Age of Time Standards, NIST Time and Frequency Services

British Cave Research Association complete information about the national organization for speleology...history, funding, contacts, etc
British Trees reference materials, WWW sites, organizations, publications, information
Glaciology Resources on the WWW Centre for Glaciology University of Wales, Aberystwyth
Journal of Glacial Geology and Geomorphology papers, other materials and resources
British Geomorphological Research Group Newsletter of the BGRG Geophemera Online
British UFO Research Association Online

Image used in HUBBLE IMAGES hot button is the first image ever taken of bright aurorae at Saturn's northern and southern poles as seen by the Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2 aboard NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. Credit for Saturn's Aurora image goes to J. T. Trauger (JPL), J. T. Clarke (University of Michigan), the WFPC2 science team, and NASA

Science Links
Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester
Science Museum, London

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