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How Britannia Can Help You Teach Your Students

The Benefits of the British History Club
You've probably noticed ads for the British History Club (BHC) around the site, already. It's something completely new for Britannia and we think it is the internet's best content value. It's really for anyone interested in British history but teachers in the classroom are the ones who stand to gain the most from it. The primary benefit of the club is to gather together, in one place, as much useful material as possible to make it convenient for BHC Members to find what they want, quickly.

First, the Free Stuff
With each BHC Membership, you get two free gifts: first is a handy "Monarchs of Britain" full color bookmark printed on glossy stock, (retail value of $3.00). On the front side is a chronological list of each of Britain's monarchs from Egbert in 802 AD to the present. The fron is also decorated with portraits of many of the monarchs. On the back side printed in basic black, is a mnemonic poem used by UK schools to aid students in remembering who succeeded whom (we even include a definition of 'mnemonic' and a pronunciation guide for the students' benefit). Click to see the bookmark's FRONT and BACK. Bookmarks may be purchased separately or in quantities of 25 for $1.00 ea.

Another free gift is the beautiful and fun certificate we call the KORB (Knight of the Order of the Realm of Britannia). Click to see the CERTIFICATE. The certificate is printed on parchment-like stock and is suitable for framing. We suggest that it be used as a classroom recognition device or as a gag gift. Each certificate is personalizable with any name(s) you specify. One certificate is included with an individual BHC Membership, but more can be purchased separately for $10. each. For Teacher/BHC Members, a 'Classroom Pack' of 30 certificates can be purchased and personalized with the names of your students (or fellow teachers) for only $100. We have 'Knight' certificates for the boys and 'Lady' certificates for the girls (look is the same, copy is different).

Pitkin Historical Guides
The Pitkin Guides are without a doubt the finest, most beautiful and most cost-effective concise guides to Britain's historical sites and attractions available today. We have worked out special "bundle" pricing on selected guides and have them available in quantity for immediate shipment. The exquisitely-printed, lavishly-illustrated 32-page booklets are excellent for in-class use or for further reading at home. Teacher/BHC Members qualify for an additional 10% discount from the already low, bundle price. View PITKIN GUIDES.

Downloadable Images
All BHC Members have unlimited access to high-quality downloadable images of British historical sites and attractions. View SAMPLE PAGE or SLIDE SHOW. Teachers are free to use these images however they like; i.e. classroom handouts, websites, "slide" shows, computer screensavers, etc. Pulldown menu above to see downloadable image categories.

Downloadable PDF's
All BHC Members have unlimited access to downloadable PDF files of original sources, literary texts and historical documents. Oftentimes, these download links will be in context so that the reader can simply click on a link to see the actual source that is being referenced by the text. Download a SAMPLE PDF. These PDF's are in the public domain and teachers are free to use or distribute these files however they like. Pulldown menu above to see some of the downloadable PDF's.

Downloadable Maps
All BHC Members have unlimited access to high-quality downloadable political and historical maps of Britain in all shapes, sizes and colors (black and white, too). View SAMPLE MAPS. Teachers are free to use these maps in any way they like. Pulldown menu above to see downloadable map categories.

New Content Features
In addition to the downloads and lots of updated, re-designed, re-vamped, re-worked and re-organized content, we have added completely new sections on Myths and Legends of the British Isles, a much expanded and more useful Church History section and the beginnings of a substantial section on the Pre_Raphaelite Arthurian art that was so popular in the 19th century still captivating, today. Also, to come is a new section of downloads for literary texts, so if you want Hardy or Trollope or Dickens or Doyle, the Downloads: Literature section is where you'll want to go.

Academic Features of Site
In all our new content we'll provide some extra features that will help make the material come alive for students. For example, most content pages where the reader would benefit from a geographic fix will offer a clickable thumbnail that shows approximate location, and when clicked, opens up a new, more detailed map. Click to view CLICKABLE MAP. We're also instituting something new called KeyFacts, which will appear in a sidebar on the right of the page and will contain helpful additional information from the text and KeyWords which will provide specific words that will help the reader to get more information from other sources. Click to view KeyFacts / KeyWords.

Online Testing
it is our intention to offer an online testing/scoring/archiving service, wherein the teacher will be able to submit a list of questions to the British History Club for preparation and where students will be directed to an online testing page which will contain true/false, multiple choice, fill in the blank questions to be completed. After completing the test, a score will be given to the student, immediately, and will be archived to a "teaacher only" page. This service is not available, yet, and specifications are quite fluid. We'd very much like to have teacher input on how this could be made useful. If interested in this service, please Contact Us. We have an elementary sample test already online. Click here to view SAMPLE TEST. Please note that when an incorrect answer is given by the student, an explanation is offered on the scoring page.

Classroom Licensing
An individual membership to the British History Club may be purchased for $24.00/year which will allow one person access to the site. If the teacher has internet access in the classroom and intends to have students use the online material, then a Classroom Membership must be purchased which will license one teacher unlimited use of the site. Students must purchase their own individual memberships if intending to use the site at home. Cost of the Classroom Membership is $100.00/year.

Join the British History Club (One-year, Individual Membership):
$20. (+ $4.00 Shipping & handling of Membership Packet)   =   Grand Total . . . . . . . $24.00

Join the British History Club (One-year, Classroom Membership):
$100. (+ $4.00 Shipping & handling of Membership Packet)   =   Grand Total . . . . . . . $104.00

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