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Tours > Roman Britain at the British Museum
David Ford, History Editor

Roman Britain at the British Museum
by David Nash Ford BA, Editor, History on Britannia

The British Museum is a Mecca for historical enthusiasts everywhere. It houses the finest collection of archaeological and historical artefacts in the World, covering cultures from every corner of the Globe.

Despite some of its best known exhibits having been collected from abroad, notably from the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean, the Middle East and North Africa, the Museum also displays the finest and most historically important artefacts discovered across Britain, and especially England. The Romano-British Gallery is a particular favourite. There are monumental sculptures, parts of statues, colourful mosaics and wall paintings, fascinating writing tablets, personal effects, religious articles and military regalia. All tell us something about what it was like to live in Roman Britain. But, of course, what we all really want to see is the treasure!

The museum has the most superb collection of Roman jewellery, decorative spoons, silver plate, vessels and tableware. They were mostly buried in the ground for safe-keeping in the troubled times around the turn of the 5th century and never recovered. Today they make an amazing spectacle. Those Romans certainly knew a thing or two about the good life. Let's take a look around.....

First Stop: Claudius' Statue

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