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Tours > A Tour of the Millennium Dome at Greenwich

There's No Place like Dome:
A Tour of the Millennium Dome at Greenwich

by Margaret Johnson, Contributor to Britannia

The Millennium Dome is Britain's main contribution to the celebration of the advent of the new millennium. This amazing structure houses an extraordinary exhibition looking at the challenges and opportunities that the people of the United Kingdom, and the World, will face in the third millennium. A sort of under-cover interactive educational theme park, yet so much more.

The Millennium Dome is the largest structure of its type in the World. 100,000 square metres of domed fabric held up by forty-three miles of high-strength cabling, the building measures over one kilometre in circumference and covers over 80,000 square metres. It is so big, it would completely cover the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Funded by the Millennium Commission through the National Lottery, the Dome has not taken its place on the London sky-line without controversy. However, now under the control of the New Millennium Experience Company, the Dome is moving forward as a part of the Experience that is Britain. Situated on the Meridian at Greenwich, the very home of time itself, the Dome is only a short tube or boat ride from the centre of the City of London. It's only open for a year, so Margaret Johnson went along in the very first week to report for Britannia.

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