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Tours > Millennium Dome > Millennium Show

Millennium Show

It was now time for the only show scheduled for that day, so we rushed out to the central arena to try to get seats. There were plenty left in the higher circles, so we made our way up there. It started a little slowly with stilt walkers and some acrobats. Little by little it grew into a fine spectacle, with people flying down from the roof of the dome on wires and bungey-jumpers on stilts making their way towards the central stage. This then developed into a tall platform, later surrounded by a freestanding metalwork structure. Performers dressed in brilliant colours flew through the air and at one point the central platform resembled a merry-go-round with people flying on ribbons all around it. The show was a real credit to everyone involved, with very talented, highly trained young people giving a dazzling performance and using the whole space from ceiling to floor to full effect.

At the end of it there was a great rush to get into the then-deserted Body before the queue began, a pity as this would have meant rushing past the interesting exhibits in the earlier parts of the Body Zone.

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