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Tours > Millennium Dome > Rest


Naturally, after all this running around we were more than ready for the Rest Zone. Firstly, we had some difficulty finding the entrance. I went in through the exit by mistake, but that didn't seem to matter. Once inside there was a slightly odd smell and then a large, cavernous room with nothing in it at all but a soft purple colour being shone onto rough, white walls and gentle echoing chimes. At the bottom of the walls was a small slope and along that slope people were slumped, apparently dead.

This was a rather unnerving scene, especially for someone with traditional British reserve and we nearly turned around right then but we noticed an open space at the far end and we were very tired, so we decided to give it a try. And it was marvellous! I haven't felt such relaxation in many years and I was so taken with the experience that I am now trying to work out ways to include such an area into my own very modern, squared-off house. We may have been lucky, catching it late in the day, but there was plenty of space and an exceptional tranquillity. A note for those with young children: with its rough walls and sloping sides, this is very definitely a pushchair-free zone.

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