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Tours > Hadrian's Wall > Chesters

Chesters - Cilurnum
Four miles north-west of Hexham

The Bathhouse, ChestersIf you want to see sculptures and inscriptions from Hadrian's Wall, come to Chesters. Local landowner, John Clayton, preserved much of the wall and many of the forts by buying up the land on which they stood in the mid-19th century. He collected together all the sculptured stones he could find and they are housed in the little museum here: wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor. Coventina's relief sculpture is here, the Mithras statues from Housesteads, the Carvoran corn measure and much more. The fort is notable for the strong-room of the headquarters building which still retains its steps and vaulted ceiling. Outside the walls, and down by the river, is the military bath-house, still in a remarkable state of repair. The niches of the changing room where the soldiers would store their clothes are completely untouched and make a particularly popular photo backdrop with visitors.

The Museum, Chesters
The site is run by English Heritage, though the Museum is owned by the Trustees of the Clayton Collection. There is an entry fee, though Free admission to members.

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