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Tours > Hadrian's Wall > Corbridge

Corbridge - Corstopitum
Four miles east of Hexham

Strong Room, CorbridgeJust outside the present settlement of Corbridge sits the partly excavated remains of a large supply station for the military posted on Hadrian's Wall, just to the north. There are huge granaries with impressive porticoed loading bays, as well as a large forum (market-place), streets, houses, temples and workshops. Everything is much more civilian looking here: note the troughs for an elegant fountain; but we still have a good military HQ with steps down into the strong-room. There is a good audio tour available to explain things too. The small museum is packed with interest. There are some excellent sculptures including the famous lion, from a large mausoleum of some kind.

Granary, Corbridge
The site is run by English Heritage. There is an entry fee, though Free admission to members.

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