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Tours > Hadrian's Wall > Flavinus' Tombstone

Flavinus Tombstone
South Transept, Hexham Abbey, Hexham

Flavinus' Tombstone, Hexham Abbey In front of a blocked doorway at the foot of the night stairs in Hexham Abbey stands the nine foot high monument to Flavinus, the Standard-Bearer of the Petrian Cavalry in the troop of one Candidus. The memorial shows this proud mounted cavalryman in plumed parade armour crushing the barbarians beneath him. Probably a Romanized Celt from Gaul, Flavinus had served in the army for seven years, yet died at the age of only twenty-five, sometime in the AD 80s. During his lifetime, he had put away enough money in the Regimental burial fund to enable this monument to be raised to his memory in the Roman cemetery at Corbridge. St. Wilfred later brought it, as building stone, to Hexham. It was then reused as paving in the 12th century cloisters where it was eventually discovered in 1881. There is a replica at Corbridge.

Hexham Abbey is open to the public free of charge, though a donation is gratefully received.

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