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Tours > Hadrian's Wall > Tullie House Museum

Tullie House Museum
Castle Street, Carlisle, Cumberland

Tullie House Museum, Carlisle A complex of buildings centred around the late 17th century home of the Tullie family, this is one of the major museums of the North. Artefacts, tableaux and interactive displays bring Cumberland and Carlisle's past to life: natural history, the railways, Jacobites, Border Reivers and, of course, the Roman city of Luguvalium (Carlisle) and Hadrian's Wall. Tullie House is an excellent place to start finding out all about the Roman Wall, why it was built and how. There are finds from along the Cumberland stretch of the wall and its related forts, as well as Roman Carlisle which quickly grew into a flourishing town due to the Northern military presence. Particularly notable are a good collection of fine Roman sculptures. Notice the genius figures with castellated crowns that personify the city.

The museum is run by Carlisle City Council & there is an entry fee.

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