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Tours > Hadrian's Wall > Vindolanda

Chesterholm - Vindolanda
One mile north of Bardon Mill

Temple Reconstruction, VindolandaVindolanda is World Famous for the discovery there of a large number of tiny wooden Roman writing tablets. Some two thousand examples have now been recovered. Dating from around AD 100 (before Hadrian's Wall was built), they are a complete mixture of official and private correspondence, stores lists, military orders and accounts. The best known is perhaps Claudia Severa's party invitation! There is a fascinating photographic display of these amazing finds in the site museum (the real things in the British Museum are most disappointing). Other artefacts include an extraordinary collection of Roman leather goods (largely footware), a cavalry horse-mask, colourfully painted Roman glass, a leopard adorned map-pointer and a military standard. There is a good shop and excellent tea-room. Outside are full-scale reconstructions of a Roman temple and houses where the inhabitants tell their story in person. Also two rebuilt sections of the wall and turrets, both in wood and stone. The foundations of the excavated fort itself and, unusually, the extra-mural civilian settlement is nicely displayed and well explained. There is a fine set of baths and the commander's house includes an early Christian church.

Military Bath House, Vindolanda
The site is run by the Vindolanda Trust & there is an entry fee. Joint tickets available with the Roman Army Museum.

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