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Tours >  > Southwest Lincolnshire > Sleaford

Michael Ford, History Editor

Southwest Lincolnshire Country Houses
by Michael Ford, Country House Editor

Day 3 - We then progressed to Sleaford.

Sleaford is a market town and the capital of the Kesteven district. Archaeologists discovered the remains of a massive mint here, which belonged to the Romano-British Corieltauvi tribe. The find was the largest of its kind anywhere in Europe.

The Normans built a castle here between 1123 and 1139 but only a few mounds remain and a small piece of fallen masonry.

The Carre and Hussey families and the Herveys, Earls of Bristol have been Lords of the Manor over the years. The Manor House is now divided into several houses the Georgian part of which is now Rhodes House, named after Cecil Rhodes the explorer who lived there as a boy. The 17th century stone part is interesting in showing the reuse of medieval stone, some presumably taken from the castle.

The church of St. Denys was built about the year 1200. It has a massive steeple, one of the oldest in the country, and is known for the beautiful tracery of its windows.

The 15th century vicarage is one of the oldest houses in the town.

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