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Tours >  > Southwest Lincolnshire > Burley-on-the-Hill

Michael Ford, History Editor

Southwest Lincolnshire Country Houses
by Michael Ford, Country House Editor

Day 4.

Burley-on-the-HillBurley-on-the-Hil is a private house, which has been converted into six elegant apartments. It can be seen from a point where the driveway ends. The view presented is of a magnificent Palladian mansion with a fifteen bay front and spectacular sweeping colonnades.

The first house on the site was built for George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham but was badly damaged in the Civil War by Parliamentarians and lay derelict until Daniel Finch, 2nd Earl of Nottingham and 6th Earl of Winchelsea bought the estate around 1694. The new house was built over the next six years. There was a serious fire here in 1908 when Winston Churchill was visiting but the house was subsequently restored again.

Because of its wonderful position, Burley was considered as a site for the Duke of Wellington's new palace before he was given Stratfield Saye by a grateful Nation.

The church of the Holy Cross is adjacent to the house and may be visited.

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