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Tours > Southwest Lincolnshire > Boothby Pagnell

Boothby Pagnell

Day 7 - We were off to an appointment at Boothby Pagnell Manor House which was just three miles down the road but before we went we had time to look around Ropsley itself.

Boothby Pagnell Manor HouseBoothby Pagnell Manor House is the most important Norman manor house in the country and all written works on the subject start by describing this building.

It stands in the grounds of Boothby Pagnell Hall, so having made an appointment all that has to be done is to follow the driveway and park in front of the Hall. Then walk across the lawn to enjoy this wonderful ancient house at leisure with no charge for the experience.

What remains is complete in its self and was built around the year 1200. It was originally part of a larger house, which stood within a defensive moat, the shape of which can still be seen in the grass.

The Norman house is the rectangular block seen on the approach but there is an 18th century shell of an attached wing at the back. The ground floor is a vaulted undercroft while the living quarters are above, on the first floor, reached by a restored external stairway. The doorway at the top leads into the hall with the solar beyond. There are two 12th century windows in the south wall but the main four light window is 15th century. There is a large fireplace, which has a cylindrical chimney outside to the back. Both rooms have aumbry recesses in their walls. For those interested in medieval buildings this one should not be missed.

The Manor House is private but may be visited on any day by appointment only. The Tourist Information Office in Grantham will supply the telephone number.

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