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Tours > Robin Hood's Nottinghamshire
David Ford, History Editor

Robin Hood's Nottinghamshire
by David Nash Ford BA, Editor, History on Britannia

Despite Robin Hood's apparent early activities in Yorkshire, the area most readily associated with the great outlaw is Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire.

Robin's feud with his arch-enemy, the Sheriff of Nottingham, brought him often to that city and the surrounding forestlands where he and his men felt quite at home amongst the Greenwood.

"Robin Hood In Sherwood Stood"
And so it was into the Forest of Sherwood that Robin Hood's expanding band of fugitives moved. Here they lived, worked, married, raised families, died and were buried. And the places where all these events happened are still pointed out today, remembered throughout the years by generations of Nottinghamshire folk. There are secret hiding places, caves and stables, wooded plantations for robbing the unsuspecting, ancient priories of the hated monks, several outlaw wedding churches and even the grave of Will Scarlet himself. Who can resist the green-leafed Mecca of Edwinstowe near where Robin's 'Major Oak' still stands or more urban setting of Nottingham Castle and the modern retelling of the 'Tales of Robin Hood'.

There is much to bring the medieval forest ways back to life and Britannia can take you there at the click of a button.

First Stop: Nottingham

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