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Tours > Robin Hood's Yorkshire
Barbara Green, Yorkshire Robin Hood Society

Robin Hood's Yorkshire
by Barbara Green, YRHS

"My dwelling is in this woode," sayes Robin
"By thee I set right naught
I am Robin Hood of Barnsdale
Whom thou so long hast saught."

Barnsdale is just north of Doncaster in the West Riding of Yorkshire. Robin Hood - a Yorkshire legend? But surely he comes from Nottinghamshire doesn't he?

Such is certainly the popular idea surrounding Robin Hood. However, where his birthplace was and who he was are, in fact, matters of much conjecture and controversy. It is hoped that this tour will show that Robin's exploits indisputably took place in Yorkshire as well as in Nottinghamshire, for both sides of his legend fit quite happily together.

Yorkshire's most important asset connected with the story is his grave, situated near the ruins of Kirklees Priory. Robin's grave and the gatehouse in which he died are still in existence and are listed buildings. However, at present, they are in great need of repair and are not open to the public.

There are many other sites connected with the legend:
Robin Hood's Bay, St. Mary's Abbey in York, his supposed birthplace in Wakefield, to name but three.

It is not simply films, television, books and the promotion of the tourist industry that have made Nottinghamshire and Sherwood Forest the Worldwide centre of Robin's legend. The Yorkshiremen and women, the author herself amongst them, are guilty of neglecting their rightful heritage. Therefore we present to the people of the three Ridings, and elsewhere, a picture of that little known hero - Robin Hood of Yorkshire.

First Stop: Loxley, West Riding

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