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Tours > Robin Hood's Yorkshire > Wakefield

Nine miles south of Leeds, West Riding (333208)

Wakefield, only ten miles from Barnsdale, was the home of Robin Hood's follower, George A'Green, the "Jolly Pinder [or Pound Keeper] of Wakefield" according to early ballads. He would have lived near the present day Pinderfields Hospital. The city also played an important part in the life of at least one Robin Hood and he may well be identified with the famous man of legend. He was particularly active around 1308-16 and is known to have lived in a property at Bichill in Wakefield Market Place.

Today, Wakefield is a busy modern city. The 15th century Cathedral, once the parish church, has the tallest spire in Yorkshire and is well worth a visit. Interior furnishings include an excellent screen of 1635 and choir stalls of 1482 with well-carved misericords. However, the curious will be drawn, rather, to the fascinating little chapel on the bridge. These watery places of worship were popular in medieval times, being built, not only as wayside shrines, but as toll houses to collect fares for the repair of the river crossing. Those remaining in England can be counted on the fingers of one hand and Wakefield's is by far the best. It was erected soon after 1342 and later endowed as a chant.

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