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David Ford, History Editor Ancient York
by David Nash Ford BA,
Editor, History on Britannia

St. Martin Le Grand
In Coney Street

St. Martin Le Grand, York Until 1942, St. Martin Le Grand was one of York's largest and most splendid churches: famous for its double-sided Victorian clock and 'Little Admiral'. Sadly, on the fateful night of 19th April, this partly 11th, mostly 14th century building was completely gutted, during a German air raid on the city: its beautiful stained glass exploding into Coney Street.

Thankfully, the finest medieval glass in the city, featuring the life of the church's patron saint, had been removed for safe-keeping, two years before. It was re-erected in a new position in 1961, when the south aisle was restored, with modern fittings, as the church nave. The north side remains a ruin with an enclosed garden. It is rarely open to the public.

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