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David Ford, History Editor Ancient York
by David Nash Ford BA,
Editor, History on Britannia

Roman Baths
Beneath the Roman Baths Inn in St. Sampson's Square

The Roman Baths, York Beneath the, now appropriately named Roman Baths Inn, in St. Sampson's Square, were discovered the remains of the Roman military bath house. After a hard day defending the city, the Roman soldiers would have met here to relax and socialise as well cleanse themselves in the complex's hot steam rooms and cool plunge pools.

The Pub is decorated in traditional 'Classical Roman' style and, for an extremely small fee (just ask at the bar), you can descend to the purpose built chamber below to view the remains of this ancient building. The apsidal walls and underfloor 'hypocaust' heating system is easily identified, while information boards explain how the latter worked, as well as the structure's history.

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