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Barbados Travel & Vacations
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Barbados is an island (Area: 431 sq km) in the Caribbean, or West Indies, northeast of Venezuela, in Central America, lying between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. Barbados is portrayed as the little England of the Caribbean because of its long association as a British colony.

The south coast of Barbados is made up of several very small towns strung along the coast. Most of the budget hotels, guesthouses, and apartment are located here. Towns include Hastings, Rockley, Worthing, St. Lawrence, Oistins, Silver Sands and Maxwell.

The exchange rate is fixed at 2 Barbadian dollars to the US Dollar. Lots of duty free shops in Bridgetown catering to the cruise liner trade, where you can buy jewellery, etc.

Flying fish -- the icon of the islands is found on coins, bills, and menus. Try "fish cutters" a local sandwich. Every Friday night the place to be is the town of Oistins (on the south coast of Barbados) for the "fish fry". This is a market where you can buy fresh fish cooked according to local recipes. Locals stay there late and dance until the early hours of the morning. This is now the second most popular tourist attraction on the island of Barbados, after Harrison's Cave. There are many fine restaurants on the island of Barbados with the top two being The Cliff (on the west coast) and The Restaurant at South Sea (on the south coast).

Rum and rum drinks are featured at every bar. Beer and wine is easy to find as well. Banks beer is Barbados' own beer and very good.

Barbados offers everything from inexpensive guest houses with bed and breakfast from under $40.00 U.S daily for a single in the summer to luxury accommodations at some of the world's best hotels at $1,600 in the prime season.

Barbados apartments and apartment hotels offer the comfort of a hotel room combined with the convenience of your own cooking facilities. Most are located on/near the beach and are especially suitable for families. There is a wide selection of luxury villas and cottages available for rent throughout Barbados. Many of these villas and cottages are located on or near the beach. Privately owned vacation rentals are often rented at much lower costs than hotel or resort rooms. There is a wide selection of these holiday properties available throughout Barbados and many are located on or near the beach. Vacation properties range from beach houses to condos and apartments.

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