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Denmark Travel & Vacations
Denmark is a country in Northern Europe. Part of it, Jutland, lies on a peninsula north of Germany while a number of islands, including two major ones, Zealand and Funen, are spread across the Baltic Sea between Jutland and Sweden. Once the seat of Viking raiders and later a major north European power, Denmark has evolved into a modern, prosperous nation that is participating in the general political and economic integration of Europe. However, the country has opted out of European Union's Maastricht Treaty, the European monetary system (EMU), and issues concerning certain internal affairs.

When it comes to conversing with Danes, most do not have the patience to decipher a foreigner's halting Danish and would much prefer to speak English, so there is no necessary 'Taler du engelsk?' before addressing most people in the cities. This holds especially true with young people. However, it is polite to ask when further out in the smaller towns or when speaking to older Danes.

No respectful titles are necessary when addressing someone. The titles 'Hr' and 'Fru' have mostly disappeared from use in Denmark, and people are generally addressed by their first name regardless of the situation.

Despite their disregard for formality, Danes are very polite and well mannered while in public. Be sure to practice good table manners while at restaurants, and make sure to learn the dozens of ways to say 'thank you' in Danish.

Drinking alcoholic beverages in public is considered socially acceptable in Denmark, and having a beer out in a public square is a common warm weather activity there. But be sure to do so in moderation, especially during the daytime.

Travel info based on work by Niels Elgaard Larsen, Stuart Edwards, Evan Prodromou, Colin Jensen and others at Wikitravel. Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 1.0.
Denmark Travel
Generally: Denmark is very safe. No risk of natural disaster or animal attack. Crime and traffic are only minor risks. In the traffic: Danes generally drive by the rules (except for the bicycles) but may not be very helpful to other drivers in ceding right of way, etc. Watch out for the bicycles in the cities, especially when turning across bicycle lanes; they have right of way. On highways, make sure that you only pass on the left, and be aware that Danes like to drive fast. On foot in cities: As mentioned above, Danes drive by the rules, and they have every expectation that pedestrians do the same. Therefore, it is important to obey Walk/Don't Walk signals and avoid jaywalking in cities, simply because cars will not slow down since you're not supposed to be there. On the beach: Don't bathe alone. Don't get too far away from land. Don't jump head first in shallow water. Swim along the coast rather than away from it. In the city: A few districts in major cities should be avoided at night by the unwary, or by lone women.
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