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London Travel & Vacations
London is one of the most exciting cities on the planet. It has so much to offer the visitor that it is difficult to decide what to do first. However, be careful. Violent crime, has increased over the last few years in London.  Incidents include pickpocketing; mugging; "snatch and grab" theft of mobile phones, watches and jewelry; and theft of unattended bags, especially at airports and from cars parked at restaurants, hotels and resorts.

Pickpockets target tourists, especially at historic sites, restaurants, on buses, trains and the London Underground (subway). Thieves often target unattended cars parked at tourist sites and roadside restaurants, looking for laptop computers and hand-held electronic equipment.  Walking in isolated areas, including public parks, especially after dark, should also be avoided, as these provide advantageous venues for muggers and thieves.  In London, travelers should use only licensed "black taxi cabs" or car services recommended by their hotel or tour operator.  Unlicensed taxis or private cars posing as taxis may offer low fares, but are often uninsured and may have unlicensed drivers.  In some instances, travelers have been robbed and raped while using these cars.

Travelers should take care not to leave drinks unattended in bars and nightclubs. There have been some instances of drinks being spiked with illegal substances, leading to incidents of robbery and rape.

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