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Martinique Travel & Vacations
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Martinique is a Caribbean island that is an overseas department, (or dependent territory), of France in the Caribbean Sea, to the north of Trinidad and Tobago. Martinique is dominated by Mount Pelee, which on 8 May 1902 erupted and completely destroyed the city of Saint Pierre, killing 30,000 inhabitants.

In the South of Martinque, there are many beautiful beaches with a lot of tourists. In the North, the landscapes and the black sand beaches are worth seeing. Martinique experiences an average of one major natural disaster every five years. This includes hurricanes, flooding and volcanic eruptions.

Martinique is tropical and humid with an average temperature 17.3 degrees C. The climate is moderated by trade winds. The rainy season is from June to October but the island is vulnerable to devastating cyclones (hurricanes) every eight years on average.

Mountainous with indented coastline and a dormant volcano as well as related volcanic activity.

Colonized by France in 1635, the island has subsequently remained a French possession except for three brief periods of foreign occupation.

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