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D O R S E T Bournemouth, a seaside resort where wealthy Victorians built expensive villas, was founded in 1811 on what was then a wild stretch of heathland. It developed slowly during the early 1800s with little thought to attracting large crowds with amusements and entertainment. The city is still quiet, but is a very popular resort, attracting crowds to its beaches and gardens for civilized days in the sun.

Attractions include the Pavilion which includes a theatre and ballroom; the Winter Garden, home of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra; the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum (Victoriana) and the Rothesay Museum which houses Italian paintings and pottery. Also the Big Four Railway Museum and the British Typewriter Museum.

Several of Bournemouth's churches are of architectural and historic interest and Frankenstein fans may find a visit to Mary Shelley's Tomb of interest. She is buried in the churchyard of St. Peter's.

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