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L E I C E S T E R S H I R E Leicester is an historical city which values its past, evidenced by its numerous museums and old buildings. The city's roots can be traced to Roman times. Artifacts unearthed at sites in and around the city can be found at the Jewry Wall Museum named after the only remaining wall of the Roman town.

19th century expansion fueled by the Industrial Revolution spurred the growth of Leicester as much as the coming of the railway that tied the city to the Leicester coalfields. Hosery and footwear were the industries that came to be associated with early industrial Leicester and they are still there, but modern Leicester is driven more by engineering enterprises.

There is much to see in Leicester including Leicester Castle, a Saxon structure rebuilt by Normans in 1068. There is also the medieval Guildhall, 18th century Belgrave Hall and Georgian town houses. Museums include the Melton Carnegie Museum, Newarke Houses Museums, Museum of Technology, Museum & Art Gallery and the Wygston's House Musuem of Costume and the Regiment Musuem.

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