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Britannia offers APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for professional order execution in the major worldwide futures, options and forex markets for online trading applications. Britannia Online offers two forms of API trading, proprietary and FIX APIs.

Britannia Online provide a proprietary API for futures and options online trading to CQG and Trading Technologies which enables instant access to real-time market data and trade messaging with superior strategy backing. Additionally, we offer a FIX (Financial Information Exchange) API - an industry-standard messaging protocol.

Britannia Online's FIX API connects to multiple trading applications, providing access to futures and options exchanges and foreign exchange aggregators. If you are unsure of which API trading software would suit you best, please contact one of our specialists for their advice.

CQG API (Futures and Options)
Britannia provides access to CQGs trading and data APIs. The trading API gives connectivity to the CQG Hosted Exchange Gateways for Direct Market Access (DMA) and ultra low latency trade routing. Features include live trade monitoring, multiple accounts, manual and automated trade execution. The data API provides historical and real-time data as well as analytics including classic and customised studies with the ability to perform back-testing.
Trading Technologies API (Futures and Options)
The Trading Technologies API allows end users and third parties to build faster, more scalable trading applications for desktop and server deployment. This trading software is integrated into the full suite of Trading Technologies exchange gateways offering low latency execution.
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