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Britannia offers clients the ability to trade the futures and options markets through CQG Trader, Integrated Client and the brand new QTrader. CQG is one of the industry's leading data and trading software providers.

Britannia currently support the following exchanges via CQG: CME, DGCX, Eurex, Euronext Liffe, ICE Europe, ICE Nybot, Montreal and SFE.


The DMA Futures and Options Mobile Trading App and Web Based Trading System

CQG M is a HTML5 based mobile application that delivers advanced market data, order management and electronic trading for iPhones, iPads, Androids, PCs and MACs. CQG M is built on a robust cloud infrastructure.

Benefits and features of CQG M include
  • Highly customisable interface
  • Multiple order types including Limit, Market, Stop and Stop with Limit
  • Order position management and account summary with P&L and margin requirements
  • News service covering multiple asset classes
  • Covers most major worldwide derivative exchanges
  • Compatible with all other CQG trading platforms
CQG M Demo
CQG Trader
CQG Trader offers real time quotes trading and order management and is ideal for traders who do not require technical analysis tools. The functions of CQG Trader include:
  • DOMTrader - Professional order entry application
  • Order & Reports Window providing account details including working orders, filled orders, account balances and real time P&L
  • CQG Trader is available in English, Russian and Japanese
CQG Trader Demo
CQG QTrader
CQG QTrader has been designed specifically to bridge the gap between CQG Trader and Integrated Client. Features of the QTrader include:
  • State of the art charting and analytics
  • DOMTrader - Professional order entry application
  • Order desk - A comprehensive desk-trader tool that attaches to any application such as a quote board or a chart
  • SnapTrader - Innovative Interface designed to provide one-click trading functionality
  • Spreadsheet Trader - Customisable spreadsheet based trading application
  • Multiple Order Types including Trailing stops & limits, OCOs, Icebergs, Brackets and Study following orders
QTrader Demo
CQG Integrated Client
CQG Integrated Client combines electronic trading tools, global market data and advanced analytics in one application. Features include:
  • Depth of market on price ladders
  • Trade directly from charts and quote pages
  • Multi-legged intra and inter market spreads can be created, traded and managed via CGQ Spreader
  • Ability to place both exchange supported and synthetic orders including Trailing stops & limits, OCOs, Icebergs, Brackets and Study following orders
  • Comprehensive news service including, Dow Jones Newswires, The Hightower Report, LaSalle Street News, MarketG2 News, Market News International and Need to Know News
Integrated Demo
CQG Trading and Data API
The CQG Trading API offers access to the Hosted Exchange Gateways for order routing from external applications. The Data API gives clients the ability to utilise CQGs market data and analytics delivered directly to external applications.
  • Features of the Trading API include:

    Ability to execute algorithmic trading

    Both manual and automatic trade execution

    Live trade monitoring

    Trade across multiple accounts

    As part of the API package, CQG offers free downloads of templates and samples

    Gives connectivity to the CQG Hosted Exchange Gateways for Direct Market Access (DMA) and ultra low latency trade routing

  • Features of the Data API include:

    Real time data including last trade, current bid/offer with volumes and depth of market

    Historical information including bid/offer tick data

    Analytics including classic and customised studies

    Ability to perform back-testing

Contact information
Sebastian Jones
+44 (0) 203 325 4146
Marc Quinn
+44 (0) 203 325 4606